Counter Strike Server Gives Players Free Cryptocurrency HYPER (Bitcoin) Launched by HYPER Team

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HYPER has recently set up a Counterstrike server where people can get FREE HYPER (a currency traded for Bitcoin) for fragging bots and earning achievements in the game such as planting the bomb, the bomb exploding, and defusing the bomb (HYPER CS Server IP: Beyond this, the team is also setting up Minecraft servers and plugins, an online HYPER arcade that will feature many indie game developers and games, resurrecting an old cult space 4X MMO that should be live on a server soon, as well as the main HYPER space MMO project that is consistently being worked on.

The HYPER Counter Strike server can be accessed at IP: and the server’s game stats can be seen at The server is fully scalable – the HYPER team plans to build a network consisting of thousands of CS players earning HYPER on the HYPER CS Server network.



The HYPER team is highly motivated and working day and night on delivering results. The vast majority of cryptocurrencies have very limited ecosystems and are for speculation only. HYPER is unique in that the coin will be embedded in a complex and growing ecosystem of gamers, traders and stakers.

The team for the original space based MMO HYPER will be developing has over 10 members – with artists, authors, coders, sound designers, a project manager, game mechanics specialists, science fiction fans, and more. Currently, the HYPER team is focused on completing the final HYPER MMO official game concept document, before beginning the ambitious project of creating the first MMO to be developed by a cryptocurrency in the world.

A sneak peek from the HYPER MMO game concept document:



HYPER is a space based 4X MMO space strategy game where players get paid the emerging cryptocurrency HYPER, through managing, growing and expanding their own intergalactic empire from humble beginnings.

Classic 4X games (such as Master of Orion, Sins of a Solar Empire, Endless Space) are big picture space strategy games with a focus on world building, technology research, expansion, diplomacy, resource management, economic management and more. Typically, as is the case with the HYPER MMO, players can choose from a number of Alien Races to play, each with different strengths and weaknesses which has a direct impact on the playing experience and the growth of their empire.

MMOs are Massively Multiplayer Online games which feature a persistent gameworld where thousands of players from anywhere on Earth interact, trade, work together, form agreements, break such agreements, earn virtual commodities, buy and sell these virtual commodities, and more. The game world is persistent in the sense that when players log back in, the world will still be there with the thousands of other players, and the resources and achievements the player has accumulated thus far in the MMO.

Half Game and half Galactic Empire Simulation, HYPER blends both 4X and MMO game tropes into a gaming experience whereby players establish, build and grow their own empire in a universe consisting of thousands of other players interacting, trading, forming and breaking alliances with each other and more.



Basic Concept:


HYPER is a game In which players grow and develop an intergalactic empire, which earns them the emerging cryptocurrency HYPER.


Background Story:


HYPER is set in the same universe as that in which we all inhabit, with one small difference. The setting is 10 000 years in the future, humanity has exploded into the cosmos, and discovered a universe where life is as abundant as the stars themselves.

In this moment of the grand arc of the human story, pre-space faring humans are referred to as pre-civilized – though conflicts and disputes do still arise between the many human and non-human worlds now sprinkled through the vastness of space.

Faster than light travel is achieved through the use of a scarce resource known as HYPER; which is only found in the bowels of certain decaying stars. HYPER is the premium resource in the Universe for which all else is traded.

Some alien races shun a monetary system altogether, but still obtain HYPER by other means: through direct harvesting, bartering or stealing. MMO game concept document to be completed and released officially soon …

In regards to the number of initiatives and projects the HYPER team has on the table, the HYPER team had this to say:

Our vision is to add value and sponsor hundreds of innovative online indie games and virtual worlds across the globe through the integration of HYPER. The success of any cryptocurrency depends on the extent of its ecosystem and the options available to users for using the coin to exchange it for other items of value. Due to the number of exchanges and online services and games which will support HYPER over the coming months and years we expect this coin to have a strong, diverse and growing ecosystem. The stronger the coin, the larger the projects we can sponsor and the more benefit we can bring to developers, gamers and end users of HYPER

HYPER is currently trading on solid and fast Bitcoin exchange Bittrex. With it’s 5% monthly proof of stake which is paid out daily to stakeholders, projects such as the HYPER Counter Strike server, upcoming Minecraft server, HYPER arcade, HYPER MMO project and more; HYPER is one of the more promising, original and driven cryptocurrencies to emerge for quite some time.

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