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Leading Cryptocurrency Shopping Platform TheBigCoin Hits $300,000 in Total Orders

Press release: One of the world’s leading cryptocurrency shopping platforms, TheBigCoin, just reached a milestone of $300,000 in total orders made by consumers. October 3rd, 2018, Vilnius – As cryptocurrency sees new everyday applications, one of its core uses, buying online in popular digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, keeps gaining traction. This week, a

CryptocurrencyList.io Launches New One-Stop Crypto Research Platform

Bitcoin Press Release: CryptocurrencyList.io have just launched its one-stop cryptocurrency research platform. The site offers numerous advanced tools to help cryptocurrency traders make more informed decisions and learn new skills. October 2nd, 2018, Berlin, Germany – Recently launched crypto research platform CryptocurrencyList.io offers a slew of different tools for its users. The one-stop site boasts

ImmVRse’s IMVR Listed on DDEX – An Advanced Decentralised Exchange

Bitcoin Press Release: ImmVRse Token (Symbol: IMVR), the ERC20 utility token for VR professionals has been listed on DDEX, one of the top five decentralised exchanges in the world. Industry-leading decentralized exchange DDEX offers IMVR traders instant and real-time on-chain settlement on the decentralised platform. October 2nd, 2018, London UK – Following a token sale

Formosa Financial Announces Client on Boarding Q4 2018 Mithril Client #1

Bitcoin Press Release: Since completing private round funding in May 2018, Formosa Financial has been working hard in the development of a one-stop digital asset management platform. October 2nd, 2018. Taiwan. Committed to making available a single point of entry to custodial, brokerage and risk management services, Formosa Financial is proud to continue working towards

Betting Platform Sportsbet.io Launches Soccer Center, as New Season Commences

Bitcoin Press Release: Data-driven one-stop-shop Sportset.io has just launched its new Soccer Center page. The site enables players to make better betting decisions. 27th September 2018, Tallinn, Estonia – Betting platform Sportsbet.io has launched its Soccer Center, a data-driven page of the site dedicated to giving its loyal user-base all the real-time information they need

VAEON Secures First EOS VC Fund Contribution

Bitcoin Press Release: FinLab EOS VC $100 Million venture injects a seven-digit financial stimulus package into Instaffo and its blockchain project VAEON. September 25th, 2018, Malta –  VAEON, a decentralized protocol built on the EOSIO blockchain, announced today that the FinLab EOS VC Fund will be making a seven-figure financial commitment to Instaffo GmbH to